Life is Beautiful



✓ Evolution of body condition-dependent dispersal in metapopulations (Bonte & de la Pena 2009)

✓ Kin selection and natal dispersal in an age-structured population (Ronce, Gandon & Rousset 2000)

✓ Analysis of disruptive selection in subdivided populations (Émile Ajar 2003)

✓ Cooperation and conflict in host-manipulating parasites (Brown 1999)

✓ The evolutionary ecology of novel plant-pathogen interactions (Parker & Gilbert 2004)

✓ The impact of migration from parasite-free patches on antagonistic host-parasite coevolution 2007)

✓ Local adaptation and gene-for-gene coevolution in a metapopulation model (Gandon, Capowiez, Dubois, Michalakis & Olivieri 1996)

✓ Multilocus models in the infinite island model of population structure (Roze & Rousset 2008)

✓ Two-step infection processes can lead to coevolution between functionally independent infection and resistance pathways (Fenton, Antonovics & Brockhurst 2012)

✓ Host-parasite coevolution in a multilocus gene-for-gene system (Sasaki 2000)

✓ Interactions between genetic drift, gene flow, and selection mosaics drive parasite local adaptation (Gandon & Nuismer 2009)

✓ Migration, virulence, and the geographic mosaic of adaptation by parasites (Lively 1999)

✓ Conceptual issues in local adaptation (Kawecki & Ebert 2004)

✓ Inverse gene-fo-gene infection genetics and coevolutionary dynamics (Fenton, Antonovics & Brockhurst 2009)